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Spousal Maintence

Spousal Maintenance Lawyers Melbourne
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Oxford Partners Lawyers provide professional legal advice for spousal maintenance in Melbourne.

In some cases, when a legal marriage or de facto relationship is dissolved, the parties involved may be entitled to spousal maintenance, also known as spousal support. The Court will look at many factors when considering if you are eligible for spousal maintenance, these include the income of your partner or spouse and their assets and liabilities. They will also look at your ability to work, your health, your assets and liabilities and any other factors that might be stopping you from working.

The team at Oxford Partners Lawyers are here to support you by providing honest and cost-effective advice about spousal maintenance. Let us guide you through the rules and regulations and shed light on who’s eligible, how much should be paid, and how it affects other aspects of your life. 

What is Spousal Maintenance?

Spousal maintenance is financial support paid to a former marital partner in the event that they cannot support themselves and/or a dependant under the age of 18 due to:

  • Age
  • Physical or mental incapacity
  • Other adequate reasons

Similar agreements may be applicable in cases of de facto relationships. However, there will be different factors to be considered in terms of eligibility.z

Spousal Maintenance Eligibility

When deciding on whether a person is eligible for spousal maintenance, there are multiple factors that a Court will consider. These factors will be considered for both parties, and include:

  • Income & available resources
  • Ability to work & earn an income
  • Suitable standard of living
  • Age 
  • Physical and mental health status
  • Whether the marriage has had an impact on either party’s ability to earn an income
  • Living status of dependants under the age of 18.

In order to receive maintenance from your partner, under the Family Law Act 1975, you must demonstrate:

  • You require the financial support
  • Your partner has the financial conditions to pay for the support.

How Can A Family Lawyer Help With Spousal Maintenance?

Managing and understanding spousal maintenance can be quite stressful and complicated. Working with an experienced family lawyer and obtaining professional legal advice earlier in the process can save you time, money and relationships along the way. 

When handling the process of spousal maintenance claims, we at Oxford Partners Lawyers will help you to protect yourself, your assets and your income while working towards a resolution. Our aim is to achieve an outcome that meets the needs and requirements of both parties in as calm and productive a process as the situation allows.

Whether you’re looking for sound advice or effective strategies when working through the spousal maintenance claims process, it’s best to have the support of an experienced family lawyer. Our team takes the time to understand your case while helping you come to a bespoke solution that is suited to the needs of all parties.

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