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Since 2011, the Oxford Partners legal team have built a reputation for offering sound advice and effective strategies for clients

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About Oxford Partners Lawyers

Here at Oxford Partners Lawyers, we pride ourselves on representing people in a range of legal issues. We seek to protect the needs of our clients, the young families and small business owners that keep the Victorian region diverse and thriving. Our solicitors will advocate passionately for you, will demonstrate transparency and integrity, and will always strive to prioritise the long-term needs of your families in Family Law matters.

Oxford Partners Lawyers has been a progressive Melbourne law firm based upon traditional values since we first opened our doors in October 2011.

Our team of experienced and diverse solicitors have garnered a strong reputation for offering sound advice and effective strategies to obtain the best possible outcomes in all areas of general law. Our practitioners and staff pride themselves on providing outstanding service to our clients.


Melbourne Solicitors Offering a Superior Service

Here at Oxford Partners Lawyers, we believe that everyone has the right to fair legal representation. We strive to be well-versed in the contexts and considerations of any case that’s presented to us and will use our experience and knowledge to ensure that you have strong representation in all your legal matters. We will take the necessary time to engage with your case and formulate a strategy that works best for you.


Support on a Wide Range of Legal Matters

If you’re seeking legal advice surrounding, family law, property and financial settlements, litigation, settling disputes, drafting or challenging a will, or navigating any of the responsibilities surrounding commercial property leases or other avenues of business law, feel free to call our team of dedicated solicitors today.


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