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Child Custody

Highly Experienced in Children’s & Parenting Matters Get expert advice from our team of trusted child custody lawyers.

Navigating children’s and parenting matters can be a complicated and emotionally taxing journey. When the well-being of your child is at stake, it’s critical to have a knowledgeable and experienced legal partner who can provide the guidance and support you need.
At Oxford Partners, we pride ourselves on our team of dedicated
family lawyers who specialise in Children’s & Parenting Matters and work tirelessly to protect your rights and secure the best interests of your child.

What Is The Role Of A Lawyer in Children’s & Parenting Matters?

Under the Family Law Act 1975, we do not use the terms “child custody arrangements” in Australia, instead we refer to this as Children’s & Parenting Matters. So, while “child custody” may be the more widely-recognised term, Children’s & Parenting Matters will be the preferred terminology when working through the custody process.

Under the Family Law Act, the children or child should have a meaningful relationship with both parents. However, a Court will always make an Order in relation to custody matters considered to be in the best interests of the child or children.

Each of the parties will both, more than likely, continue to share “equal shared parental responsibility”. However, when a resolution that benefits all parties cannot be agreed upon and family mediation is required, a lawyer specialising in Children’s & Parenting Matters can step in to assist in the process, specifically:

Negotiate on your behalf: Custody disputes often require careful negotiation. Our skilled lawyers will ensure that your point of view is effectively communicated, improving your chances of obtaining a fair agreement.

Provide guidance: Legal proceedings can be confusing and overwhelming. With our lawyers by your side, you will have access to clear, professional guidance every step of the way, helping to alleviate your stress.

Advocate your rights: We’re not just lawyers; we’re advocates who work tirelessly to protect your rights and your child’s best interests. We understand that every family is unique, and we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs.

Save you time and energy: By handling paperwork, court filings, and the ins and outs of court proceedings, our lawyers can save you precious time and energy, which you can spend focusing on your child’s wellbeing.

What Factors Are Considered In Children’s & Parenting Matters?

When deciding on matters as a “child custody” lawyer, we look at numerous factors, some may include:

  • Where should the children live?
  • How much time should the child spend with the other parent?
  • What is to happen if a party wishes to take the child on an overseas holiday?
  • Are there any issues or safety concerns with the child spending more or significant time with one party?
  • What will happen on the child’s birthday?
  • How will third parties wanting to spend significant time with the child or children (such as grandparents, aunts and uncles) be handled?

Some of these issues may be agreed between the two parents. However, in the event that this does not occur, it may be necessary for the parties to obtain a Family Report.Our “child custody” lawyers will sit down with you during your first consultation and explain the process with you in detail and what the potential outcome could be for you in this highly stressful time.

How Oxford Partners Can Help

Children’s & Parenting Matters are intensely personal and can be fraught with emotion. The decisions you make during this process can profoundly impact both you and your child’s future. It’s a heavy burden to bear alone. At Oxford Partners, we lighten that load and share in the responsibility.

Our expert “child custody” lawyers bring an unmatched level of dedication, skill, and compassion to every case. We are more than just lawyers; we are your allies, your advocates, and your partners in navigating this challenging journey. Trust us to handle your “child custody” dispute with the utmost professionalism, empathy, and tenacity.

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