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The Benefits of Therapy During Marriage Separation

Separation is never an easy experience for couples and can often lead to increased stress and anxiety levels for all parties involved. Taking care of your mental health is paramount during such a stressful time in your life, and therapy can offer a safe space for couples to air their grievances and discuss matters in an open and honest way with one another. Today, we have a look at 5 benefits that therapy or counselling can offer during marriage separation, so read on to find out more.

1. A Safe Space

Often when tension and emotions are running high, it is almost impossible for separated couples to see eye to eye or even discuss issues surrounding the relationship with a level head. Of course, this comes as no surprise considering how traumatic separation can be, which is why marriage counselling during separation is often highly recommended by family psychologists and psychiatrists. A therapist’s office is a safe and neutral place where both parties can discuss the issues and challenges their marriage is facing without fear of judgement. Without sometime to mediate the situation, in this case a qualified therapist, it is not uncommon for things to get out of hand and for words spoken out of anger to cause more damage to the relationship.

2. To Gain Better Understanding

A lot of the time, it is not just one instance, scenario or mistake that leads couples to separate. More than often, it is an accumulation of resentments, troubles and words unspoken that lead to a rift in a relationship or marriage. Without gaining better understanding about the factors that led to separation, reconciliation is often not possible. By engaging with an experienced therapist who has helped hundreds of couples work through their differences, both parties are better equipped to fully understand the part they play in the breakdown of a relationship.

3. Absorb Unbiased Advice

While most of us tend to share our troubles with loved ones or friends, a lot of the time we find it hard to get an unbiased and entirely objective opinion or view from the ones we love. Loved ones prioritise your feelings and emotions, thus making it a lot more difficult for them to remain unbiased about what is going on in your relationship. A therapist is someone who first of all doesn’t know you or your spouse, and is the most impartial person whom you can seek advice from. A Chance To Fix Issues Outside of The Home If children are involved in the separation, the last thing anyone wants to do is to argue or fight in front of them. Observing parents who are at each other's necks often has an incredibly harmful impact on a child’s self esteem and general mental health, which is why it is always advised that couples keep their issues behind closed doors and in the midst of a therapist who will be able to assist in regulating emotions and feelings.

4. The Ultimate Goal of Reconciliation

Last but not least, if both you and your spouse want to give it another go, it is important that you iron out all the issues you may be experiencing in your marriage in order to repair the relationship and move forward into calmer territory. Clearly something has gone awry in the relationship, and trying to pinpoint this with the help of a counsellor is the best way to avoid encountering the same situation in the future should you choose to reconcile with your partner. A therapist will be able to equip both parties with the skills and habits they need for better communication which is sure to help a struggling couple rebuild their trust and love for one another. Doing so alone may be a lot more difficult and may even lead to an unsuccessful attempt at reconciliation, so getting the help of an experienced professional is the best thing you can do to save your marriage. ___________ Enlisting the help of a counsellor, psychologist or couples therapist during and even after your separation is one of the best things you can do for your overall health and wellbeing. If you are in need of any legal advice or counsel to help navigate your marriage separation, do not hesitate to contact one of our team members today.